Doing Bird: The Talk

Martin and friend

Would you like to know more about a speaker with a series of hilarious stories about deviant ducks, sex-change cockerels and doves who, far from being birds of peace, have violent tendencies and terrible parenting skills? Would you also be interested in a speaker who sometimes brings along one of his feathery subjects?

This is the stuff of ‘Doing Bird: The Talk,’ which brings to life some of the animal and human characters that populate the pages of ‘Doing Bird,’ Martin Gurdon’s new book for Constable & Robinson. With extensive public speaking experience, Martin has entertained audiences of up to 900 with stories of life, death, sex and poultry, and is signed up with two speakers’ agencies.

If it’s cars that interest you, Martin talks about them too, in a similarly left field talk called ‘Confessions of a Motoring Journalist.’

If you want to find out more or to book Martin, email or telephone 07770-638808. For an idea of what you’ll get, have a look at the video.

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