Other Titles

Write On!

Write On! (ISBN 9781845377069), available now, offers a journalist’s eye view of writing everything from a newsletter to a novel, and advice on surviving as a freelance writer.

Write On! provides all the tools and techniques you need to make your writing accurate, informative and entertaining. Learn how to research and order information, unravel the mysteries of punctuation and sentence structure, understand the process of editing, and discover how to apply professional standards to your work. Written to entertain as well as inform, Write On! isn’t a hectoring polemic or a dry manual on the use of words, but is intended to bolster the skills of novice and expert writers alike.

Hope is a Strategy

‘Hope’ (ISBN 1845373766) is yet another one of those bloody sales books, but instead of being written from the perspective of a bunch of Stateside work ‘gurus’ with names like Fungal J. Ringtone III, it’s the allegedly rediscovered manuscript of Victorian layabout charlatan Captain Chetwin de Clapham, and explains how to sell period rubbish to period idiots. Within its pages there’s advice on taking candy from babies, pretending to have leprous ears, and of course, how to sell your grandmother.


A parody of American business motivational books, (New Holland ISBN 18453704) is a tasteless tale of a dysfunctionally perfect white collar manageress called Shardonnay Carat and her children, Doodah and Chimchiminy. Shardonnay manages the USA’s only pet taxidermy assembly line and discovers how making its embalming fluid-sniffing workers behave like chickens can save the day. With sub plots about a sinister English time and motion expert called Arabella Thruppence, ‘The Great Nozzo,’ a flea circus ringmaster, and a mystery pet assassinator, this book is ideal for reading in the WC.

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